Insta-Hire, is a family owned business that was originally formed a few years ago as a hire business based in Leeds to support local and national companies with their temporary hire requirements whilst working in and around the Yorkshire region.

Since launching Insta-Hire we have been asked to complete many additional projects for our customers which have included bathroom and kitchen refits, building and renovation work on older properties, even exterior painting and landscaping projects. Most of our work has been with larger construction companies or direct with housing associations.

We decided back in November 2018 that the amount of work being undertaken by the Hire side warranted a standalone business unit, so we launched Insta-Projects.

Insta-Projects now employ qualified Plumbers, Electricians and Joiners capable of undertaking all residential and most commercial work on and around housing and commercial sites.

We have groundworkers inc concreters, pavers and a separate waterproofing team capable of renovating and sealing flat roofs and structures with liquid membranes. Our aim is to serve and support the building, maintenance and construction industry with the below as our key elements….

  1. To provide a professional, personalised service.
  2. To ensure we are competitive using the best rates on all tenders/quotes.
  3. And finally build a solid working relationship with you, our customer.

Since launching we have grown at a steady rate and are looking to move into other project type work possibly supporting you and your teams on your next projects.

This month we will expand by a further two teams which means we have capacity for further work.

If you are in the process of planning your next project/contract and believe we could add value to you and your teams, we would be pleased to hear from you.